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Do you offer this program for individuals?

Currently, our programs are only designed for schools and larger groups, but we may open up to individuals in the future.


Does WTG Golf provide coaches or hire coaching staff for schools?

WTG staff only works with each organization’s existing coaching staff. However, we can assist with recruitment and training of new coaches, if needed.


Do coaches and players need to be skilled golfers?

Our plan is designed to build skilled players and coaches from any level- beginner to experienced golfer. No golf experience is required, just a willingness to learn.


How long is the program?

The program is designed to flow over 12 consecutive months. Players and coaches will have unlimited access to the virtual materials throughout the entire year making it easy to start the program at any time, in-season, or off-season.


How much does this program cost?

Pricing varies and is based on each organization's specific needs. Please call or email for a quote.


Are payment plans available?

Yes, we can offer payment schedules to fit your organization's needs.


Is this a completely virtual program?

Our traditional programs combine virtual and in-person training; however, we can design a program that is completely virtual. 


Do you need any special equipment or computer software to access the program materials?

You can access the virtual materials using any internet accessible device. The programming is web-based so there is no need for special software or downloading. Coaches and students will be provided with a unique log-in that makes it easy to access the program at any time. 


Do you need to be on the golf course for the practice activities and workouts?

Not necessarily, the program combines course practice exercises, at-home practice techniques, and fitness workouts for strength and flexibility. 


Is there a maximum number of players you can support?

We specialize in supporting teams and organizations with multiple teams, regardless of the number of players.


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